Congratulations on starting your new business! Nobody said it will be easy, but when strategically planned and executed, it can be extremely rewarding. When we first established our business, called Homer Photo Labs at the time, we were asking ourselves questions such as:


  • "Where will we acquire new business?”

  • “How much should we set aside for our marketing budget?”

  • “What are our immediate needs, and what investments should we make later?"


55+ years and three generations later, Navitas Marketing is helping its clients answer similar questions. Our energetic, strategic process can help you establish your competitive advantage, determine your target audience, and implement a marketing plan that will maximize the return on a carefully established budget.


As a new business owner, you have a lot of work ahead of you. Together, we can make your new venture a success for many years to come!


Not sure where to begin? While all businesses require a marketing plan with a custom approach, many of our start-up clients are interested in the following services:


  • Identity Development – After designing your logo and branding elements, you’ll need to print business cards and possibly other stationery items.

  • Website Design – The hub of your marketing strategy, our content management system will allow you to update your website as frequently as needed, which could be quite often in the beginning!

  • Printed Handouts – Networking is critical to your success, so you’ll want to have a flyer or brochure designed and printed to leave behind.

  • Online Marketing – Search engine optimization, search engine marketing, and social media marketing offer a high return on investment, as it has the ability to reach the largest audience when properly executed.


We’ve spent over 55 years helping businesses grow – because our energy and innovative creativity has brought our clients success. Contact us today to learn more about our company’s approach and, more importantly, how we can help develop and execute your company’s approach! 


"I hired Kevin for several items including logo design, marketing literature design/layout and color printing - essentially a "start from scratch and get it to print" package. They did great work, were prompt in responding to my many changes, and delivered the final printing earlier than promised. They did a great job in interpreting my comments and ideas into something that was practical and scalable for my business and potential customers. Being a start-up, I was also grateful that Kevin remained conscience of my very limited budget."


- Jeff, President

Let's Get Started!

Whether your business's marketing approach needs an exciting new strategy or just a small jolt of energy, Navitas Marketing will learn your business and work with you to determine the competitive advantage needed to maximize its potential growth.