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Strategy Consulting

Developing a website is more than just designing something attractive, and it also require more than an expert programmer who can ensure the functionality is working together. The third piece of the equation is the strategy that gets implemented with the new website. This is a critical step that is often overlooked.


Many companies have a good idea of what they need to include on their website (and some don't!) but we can help take things a step further by establishing answers to questions such as these:


  • What are the website's primary goals and secondary goals?

  • How will the website design encourage the user to take a certain path to eventually achieve these goals?

  • How can content best be organized to ensure your website visitor finds what he/she is looking for without getting discouraged?

  • Is the first impression going to be the best impression?

  • How will you integrate the use of dynamic content to boost your search ranking?

  • How can your website help streamline other areas of your business?

  • How will success of your website be measured?


Whether you're looking for help organizing your website content, developing a sitemap, establishing a content strategy, or implementing a successful search engine optimization campaign, our marketing consultants can help ensure that your website has been worth the investment!

Relevant Case Studies

It's Pretty and it Works... But is it Strategic?

If your website isn't leading its visitors to achieve the goals you've established, if content isn't clearly organized, or if you feel there are other ways your website could be working better for you, then we would love to talk with you!