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ADA Compliant Websites

Over 50 million people in the United States have a disability, yet 98% of websites are not ADA compliant.


Over the last three decades, the Americans with Disabilities Act has protected individuals with disabilities to ensure that environments such as work, stores, and digital platforms are accessible for all people. When websites are non-compliant and inaccessible to the disabled, companies may be missing out on potential business from over 20% of the United States population - leaving them susceptible to costly lawsuits.


As the digital space grows bigger each day, Navitas Marketing offers two great ways to make your website more accessible for everyone.

Automated Web Accessibility


Navitas Marketing can install ADA compliant control functionality so that users can customize design elements. Plus, they can utilize other compliant tools for their individual needs. Users can adjust the website based on various capabilities and needs, replace images with descriptions, utilize audio tools, and more.

Custom ADA Compliant Websites


We can design your website to be permanently compliant with consistent manual reviews to ensure constant compliance for years to come.

Both options provide a certificate of compliance to keep on hand or proudly display on your website. In addition to the positive reflection on your business and ensuring you’re not turning away potential business, there are tax credits available for ADA-compliant websites.


Is Your Website Excluding Individuals With Disabilities?

If you're interested in ensuring that your website is accessible to all visitors, regardless of their potential disabilities, then we should talk!