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Of all of our branding and marketing services that go into an integrated marketing strategy, the service we are most experienced with is print marketing. Before we rebranded as Navitas Marketing, our services fell under the umbrella of The Homer Group, our sister printing company with over 55 years in the industry.


The Homer Group was the first printing company in the Greater Philadelphia area to use computers for design, which means we have been providing graphic design and print marketing services for roughly 40 years. Technology, trends, and strategies sure have changed since then, but we've been through it all and, just like 40 years ago, we have always strived to maintain our position of keeping ahead in these categories.


We know how to get the most out of your print marketing efforts, how to complement your digital presence and other marketing components, and how to ensure a consistent brand across it all. 

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Are you Getting Results From Your Print Marketing?

If you're looking to get more out of your print marketing efforts, come lean on our 40 years of print marketing experience. We may have the energy and strategy you're looking for!