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The popularity of podcasting is growing rapidly, and many businesses are looking for opportunites to show their expertise and provide value to current and new audiences. We provide turnkey podcasting solutions designed to help you achieve your marketing and business goals, taking care of everything from ideation to distribution and everything in between.


75% of Americans are Familiar with Podcasting

This is approximately 212,000,000 people, with this number increasing by more than 10 million per year.

55% of Americans Have Listened to a Podcast

This is up from 51% in 2019 and indicates that roughly 75% of the people who are familiar with podcasts have actually listened to one.

Fastest Growing Among Older Americans

From 2019 to 2020, the percentage of Americans ages 55+ who listen to podcasts monthly increased by 29% (1/4 of all 55+ consumers).

Scott Seidenberg: Our Podcasting Guru

Scott is a radio & video on-air personality who has been producing and hosting podcasts since their inception. As someone who is proficient in audio editing, is well-versed in all aspects of the podcasting world, and has the understanding of key metrics and growth strategies, he has the ability to help companies individuals develop their strategies and produce fantastic content.

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Our Podcasting Process


  • Create Your Narrative. During our exploratory kick-off meeting, we’ll learn everything about what you want to accomplish with your podcast and create your story and narrative with customized artwork.

  • Plan Your Strategy. We’ll go over the format of your show. How many episodes per month you want to release, the length of each episode, guests and topic ideas.



  • Professional audio and recoding equipment. We supply everything. Whether we’re recording remotely, or onsite, we provide all the tools to have your podcast come across with the best possible production value.

  • Voice/Talent Coaching. It took years of broadcasting school and training to get a good radio voice. We’ll have a coaching a session with your on-air talent to make sure you sound your best.



  • Cut it Out. We provide professional mixing and editing to make sure your audio sounds perfect. We'll add to or edit whatever we need until you love it. We won’t post an episode until you are completely satisfied with the production.

  • Distribution. We’ll distribute your content to all the major channels, such as Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify, and provide you with MP3s and links for your website and social media.

Once your podcast series has been appropriately planned and launched, it needs to be promoted! We’ll create promotional materials for you to distribute, such as audiograms, snippets, infographics, and other sharable material for social media, and can also help you develop an appropriate marketing strategy to reach your intended audience. 


Need some extra help taking your podcast to the next level? Scott can host your show, we can source other hosts or guest talent, and we can provide live or recorded video content.

Ready to Show Off Your Expertise?

If you are considering starting a podcast to reach a new audience with your knowledge, it may feel like a big task but we can help make it a reality!