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Share your message, increase engagement, improve your search engine ranking, and grow your brand recognition with video production services from Navitas.


The importance of including video as a component in your company's marketing strategy is becoming more important every day. It's well-documented that companies that include video on their website see a significant boost to the time users spend on their website and an increase to the call-to-action being taken, not to mention the benefit that benefit has to search engine optimization. Uploading video content to YouTube can be a successful way to make your company's message go viral, and often can be used in a reception area or in promotional emails as well.


Some of our video production services include:


  • Architectural Video Production

  • Employee Recruitment Videos (see example)

  • Aerial Video Production (see example)

  • Video blogs (vlogs)

  • Green screen videos (see example)

A successful video project includes the right balance of preparation. When properly executed, video can have a very positive impact on the overall success of a busines. Our videos are planned carefully, filmed professionally, priced fairly, and provide a return on investment that helps our clients' businesses grow. 


Pre-Production Video Services


This important planning stage can prevent additional costs later in the project. Our pre-production services build a dependable roadmap for efficiant project execution. 


  • Script writing and consulting

  • Fundraising trailers

  • Storyboards

  • Art direction

  • Casting

  • Location scouting

  • Production scheduling

  • Voiceover recording

  • Production budgeting

Production Video Services


We use our skills, honed in the world of video production, to add production value to every one of our commercial projects. We know that commercials shouldn't feel like commercials.


  • Direction

  • Acting

  • Set photography

  • Sound recording

  • Cinematography

  • Drone footage

Post-Production Video Services


We see our projects to the end, and can also help put the finishing touches on in-progress productions and assist in editing or completing video footage.


  • Video editing

  • Final credits

  • Motion graphics and animation

  • Color correction and enhancement

  • DVD authoring

  • Sound mixing and audio editing

  • Original scores and music

  • Replication and duplication

  • Multi-language subtitles

  • Packaging and graphics

Relevant Case Studies

Ready to Integrate Video in Your Marketing Strategy?

Due to the variety of services required for each video production job, a meeting with one of our video producers is required for us to provide a custom price for your project. If you are interested in learning more, please fill out the form!