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Messaging & Copywriting

If you know your desired message, writing the copy should be easy! Right?


Exceptional copywriting includes more than meets the eye. It includes insight, intention, strategic revisions, and crucial decisions. It needs to sound professional, present the message in a way that will keep the audience captive, avoid wording that will belittle the reader or go over his or her head, and avoid leaving crucial elements out.


Navitas Marketing has writers offering different writing strengths and industries of expertise. We can help present your message in a way that will captivate the audience and keep them interested in your business. We may conduct interviews for information, research relevant industry media, audio record your thoughts to transcribe later, or all of the above. Our business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) writing services will help your company demonstrate leadership and expertise, while appropriately representing your business.


Whether the project is promoting a fun, new restaurant, traditional mortgage company, or basket-weaving classes, we can help you write content for the following purposes:


Proofreading Services


Sometimes our clients have their message figured out and know how they want to say it, but realize it requires strengthening some words and phrases to make it sound more "marketing-y" (our clients give us those directions all the time!). Our proofreaders are happy to help you edit your content as we establish their marketing media. 


Language Translation Services


The need for your marketing materials to be developed in multiple languages continues to grow. Our translation services include having copy translated locally, and then proofread in the native country to confirm accuracy of the appropriate dialect. 


Relevant Case Studies

We Know Our Team is Write for You!

A picture is worth a thousand words, but those thousand words are still very important, and they must be written with the right style and for the appropriate audience. Are you successfully telling your story?