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We can give you an attractive logo and graphic standards, but branding and identity are more than just pretty colors. It tells a story of who your company is, what it offers, what it represents, and what differentiates it. It's important to work with a team who understands the value of custom logo design and knows how to fully develop a brand. 


What is a logo?


In order to be considered a logo, the graphic must meet the following criteria:


  • It must be created as a vector graphic, meaning it can be enlarged or reduced to any size without sacrificing quality.

  • It must clearly convey a message and continue to accurately represent your brand at any size.

  • It must be suitable for use on a variety of media, such as print, digital, engraving, embroidery, promotional products, or signage.

  • It must be unique. If your business is unique, your message must be as well. No other businesses should be using your graphic.

What's the process?


To strategically design a unique logo with purpose, the following steps should be taken:


  • Research the client and its competition

  • Interview client to to learn about preferred creative direction

  • Create many design concepts and refine those with the most potential to develop the brand

  • Present 2-3 logo options to the client

  • Revise the preferred logo based on feedback 

  • Prepare multiple color and composition variations of the logo

  • Design the brand standards guideline

How is pricing determined?


Pricing for logo design and establishing the complementing brand standards is based on the time investment necessary. In order to truly add value, we take a team approach to offer multiple perspectives and various expertise. We do our research, test many different concepts, and make sure our creativity is original. 


Establishing a new logo and brand standards is typically priced between $1,000 - $15,000. There are many determining factors in establishing a budget such as requested logo styles, number of designers producing concepts, complexity of complimenting brand standards, and other necessary content development, such as taglines.

What can you expect to receive?


Depending on the branding budget that we've collaborately established, the final deliverables may vary. We will clearly outline what you'll be receiving from us, which could include any or all of the following:


  • Full-color logo in multiple file types, including a scalable vector format

  • Multiple logo variations, such as black and white or grayscale, vertical, horizontal, or stacked, etc.

  • Optional logo versions with or without taglines

  • Establishment of company name, tagline, or other content

  • Brand standards manual

  • Design of other marketing materials



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Designing your logo and brand standards can be the most critical aspect of growing your business. Please fill out the form so we can talk about the process, learn more about your goals, and discuss if we might be the right fit for you.