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April 8, 2019

Navitas Marketing Named a Top Graphic Designer in Philadelphia

While some business services can be easily completed in house, there are others that require specialists with a different point of view and an entirely different set of skills. And this rings doubly true for creative services, with many firms lacking the ability or the desire to place a great emphasis on creative talent within their organization. But that is where firms like us come in. We are marketing experts with strong strategic skills, and an understanding of the nuances of our industry, and we are proud to provide our firms with unparalleled brand assistance.

Although we have total confidence in ourselves and the quality of our work, it is nice to have it confirmed every once in a while. We are excited to share that we have been named one of the top graphic designers in Philadelphia, courtesy of the B2B ratings and reviews platform, Clutch. Clutch uses detailed research and client reviews to gauge the caliber of service providers across dozens of industries, helping firms form more beneficial partnerships with their vendors.

Although the industry analysts at Clutch were impressed with our work, our status on their platform is also owed to our clients. The interviews in which our clients participated included questions to determine our affordability and value, the quality of our work, and our project management skills, all to gauge our overall quality. We are featured with a perfect rating of five stars and excellent feedback.

All of the feedback we have received so far has been more than generous, and we could not be happier. We cannot wait to see what else our clients will share with us, and we will continue to use this channel of feedback to improve our services.

Although we are excellent designers, our services go far beyond that. We have also been featured on Clutch’s sister-site, The Manifest, as one of the top digital marketing agencies in Philadelphia. The Manifest is business resource that aims to help firms identify and address their challenges, offering industry insights and recommendations of top service providers like us. Our recognition was of course the result of our hard work, but our smaller size and the affordability of our services played a role as well. And in a step to further our reputation as a top digital partner, we have joined other branding agencies and creatives on Visual Objects, a leading portfolio sharing service for B2B firms. This platform allows vendors to post examples of their work to help inform their potential clients’ hiring decisions, and we are hoping it will help us reach new audiences.

We always appreciate industry praise, but it pales in comparison to kind words from our clients. Thank you to everyone who has helped us become regarded as a top firm. Our partnerships ensure that our clients’ messages don’t fall on deaf ears and that our designs don’t fall on blind eyes, and they are a large part of why we love what we do. Our status as a top firm means that we are doing our jobs right, and we can’t wait to keep going.