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December 28, 2017

Navitas Marketing Adds Business Development Strategist To Its Team

Over the past few years, our dedication to growth and expansion has received recognition such as one of the Fastest Growing Digital Ad Agencies in Philadelphia and as aTop Marketing Consultant in Philadelphia. With both of these designations in mind, we are pleased to welcome Zack James as our newest Business Development Strategist!


Zack joins us with a unique background that includes experience in marketing and business consulting, business development and entrepreneurship, and event and project management. Over the past 15 years, he has served in management and consulting capacities for the Brooklyn Nets, MyNEWPhillyRenewal by Andersen, Thuzio Executive Club, and Stomp The Runway


"We're really excited about the knowledge and connections that Zack brings to our team," said Kevin Homer, President of Navitas Marketing. "He has such a diverse background that he can add value both to our clients and to our own team in so many different ways. He's worked as a business consultant, he's a partner in a video production company, and he produces news and sports programs. He's worked with high-level executives and professional athletes. Navitas Marketing has seen significant growth over the past four years, and adding Zack to our team will take us even further in year five." 


Adding to our team not only reflects the success that we're providing to our clients, but also provides additional resources, experience, and creativity to the energy that we put into our clients' campaigns. Please join us in welcoming Zack James to our Navitas Marketing team!