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April 22, 2015

Municipalitiy of Norristown's Website Awarded 2nd Place in State Competition


April 22,2015


Local Marketing Agency's Government Website Receives State Recognition


The Municipality of Norristown’s Website, Developed by Navitas Marketing, Awarded 2nd Place by Pennsylvania State Association of Boroughs


NORRISTOWN, PA – The Municipality of Norristown is being recognized by the Pennsylvania State Association of Boroughs (PSAB) for its municipal website at the 2015 Annual PSAB Conference on April 28, 2015. The website is receiving a 2nd place award based on layout & design, clarity & effectiveness, and content. The Association serves 957 local governments in Pennsylvania.


The Municipality of Norristown’s website was developed by Navitas Marketing, a local marketing and digital media agency located just outside the borders of Norristown. Navitas Marketing was selected as the vendor due to its website development experience, competitive proposal, and experience working with government entities.


“We really enjoy working with local governments and business development and revitalization projects,” said Kevin Homer, President of Navitas Marketing. “This project provided both of these aspects, and it’s certainly rewarding to see such a project so important to Norristown receive this type of recognition. It’s a reflection of the type of work Norristown is doing with its revitalization efforts and the collaboration between our agency and Municipal staff.”


The project included strategy consulting, website design and development, and search engine optimization services. Kevin kicked off the project by directing a meeting with the Municipality’s department heads to receive their input and requirements for the new site. Each department has the ability to manage and update the content of their respective sections of the website, which is then approved by Gabriela Prete, Public Information Officer, before it posts live.


The new website is a responsive site, which adapts its design and layout to the device being used to view it. In addition to this programming to maximize the user experience, it’s also highly interactive, with features such as allowing the public to add their own events to the Town Calendar, photos to the Photo Gallery, and news stories to the website’s News section (pending Municipality approval), as well as integrating social media share tools throughout the site. The layout and organization of the website’s content make it easier for users to find, which the public had indicated was previously difficult to do.


“We are thrilled with the feedback we’re receiving from users of the website,” said Crandall Jones, Municipal Administrator. “The recognition is a source of great pride to Norristown, and shows our dedication to providing the highest level of service to our community.”


Navitas  Marketing  is the sister company of The Homer Group, a commercial printing company located in the Greater Philadelphia area and serving the Norristown community for over 50 years.  Navitas Marketing and The Homer Group have a significant history working with local and regional governments and nonprofit organizations to add value to print and online marketing efforts. 




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