Many realtors, agents and real estate brokers promote themselves the same way: they hand out their templated business cards, promote their single templated web page on a larger agency website, and mail out the same templated postcards when they’re trying to promote a property.


But the real estate professionals who find the most success are the ones who step outside of that box, engage in online marketing, and develop their own branding and marketing materials. Although it’s typically an out-of-pocket expense, it’s one that reaps advantageous ROI. It helps the properties they list move faster, and allows for an easier way to promote their services for both property sellers and buyers who are looking for representation.


The real estate market is becoming huge for online marketing, advertising and website development. Our custom-designed websites can incorporate both the “CoStar” (commercial) and “Trend” (residential) databases of properties, include video of virtual tours and 360° surround views, and use drone imaging to showcase the neighborhood and surrounding area of targeted properties. Coupled with our online marketing and advertising services, as well as print collateral campaigns, we can keep your brand and promotional strategies in front of your clients across all channels.


We’ve got the experience, energy and the creativity you need. Navitas Marketing has helped realtors, agents and real estate brokers promote themselves and their property listings with the following services and recommendations for the next level:


  • Website development
  • Brand enhancement
  • Online marketing & advertising
  • Video development
  • Drone scoping & imaging
  • Flyer and brochure design
  • Business cards and stationery
  • Postcard mailings


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