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Developing a Brand That Makes a Difficult Topic Feel Easier to Handle

Your Terms Mediation is committed to providing an alternative to potentially expensive, court-focused divorce. Its founder, Paul Murray, is also the President of Divorce on Your Terms and PTM Wealth Management.


Your Terms Mediation is the third brand under Paul Murray's portfolio of divorce-related businesses. Navitas Marketing was tasked with evolving and strengthening the existing brand, with a primary focus on the YTM logo and complementing branding elements, then providing a modern, mobile-friendly website that would set Your Terms Mediation apart from the other two brands. 


Divorce is a difficult topic, and we wanted to make sure that the new branding would offer a delicate balance of a calm, without an inappropriate happiness. We developed a color palette of modern, soothing colors and utilized it to design the new logo. The icon represents two parties (the married couple) wrapping around a third party (the divorce mediator), and then separating and heading in different paths.

The new website for Your Terms Mediation includes parallax graphics and other modern web design techniques. We've also included online scheduling capabilities that allow clients to request appointments. The graphics used on the website are meant to represent calming scenery and incorporate the color scheme established as brand-appropriate.