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Sneakers for Soldiers is Supporting our Troops Where it Matters Most... Their Feet

Sneakers for Soldiers is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that raises funds that are used to provide proper sneakers to our overseas troops. Athletic shoes are a critical item for deployed soldiers, but they aren't provided by the military. Sneakers for Soldiers recognized this need and are now providing soldiers with the option to select their appropriate style and size, and then they ship the requested sneakers overseas.


Sneakers for Solders has an incredible mission and has been very successful with receiving local and national recognition of its program. However, they knew they needed a strong brand and communication strategy to fully take advantage of the attention they're receiving and turn their audience into donors. They approached Navitas Marketing as their branding and marketing partners to help strengthen their message, further grow their following, and increase donations to be used to purchase more sneakers.


We consulted with the founders of Sneakers for Soldiers to determine the best way to structure and deliver their message and how to reach their audience. We designed their website in a way that will reflect the soldiers' needs and show their appreciation when new sneakers are received. Sneakers for Soldiers is able to promote the local and national publicity they're receiving, post the letters of appreciation received from soldiers, and collect donations from those who want to contribute. 

We also designed their new logo, provided search engine optimization services on their website, provided social media consulting and training, and have designed other print marketing materials to ensure a cohesive and professional brand.


Sneakers for Soldiers was established in 2018 and the level of national publicity and donor support they have received already is incredible. We are so pleased to play a part in their growth and are so excited to see how they continue to flourish in supporting our troops for many years to come. 

We look forward to the next chapter of the Sneakers for Soldiers story and are so happy you are a part of it. Thank you for partnering with us. There have been so many favorable comments about the website. Lauren's talent, enthusiasm, and energy can be seen in EVERY page. Tom's help and patience in navigating Facebook is so appreciated. He educates and communicates well. Kevin, we thank you for your support of Sneakers for Soldiers. We look forward to a long relationship and also recommending you to other businesses. You are the best!

Debbie H|Founder|Sneakers for Soldiers