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PMC is Making Their Clients the Experts by Providing Them With IRA & HSA Resources

PMC IRA & HSA Resources is a consulting, training, publishing, and marketing services company with headquarters in West Chester, PA. Since 1975, they have been at the forefront of IRA and HSA training and support. They have developed a strong reputation in the financial field as the "go-to" source for up-to-date, reliable and verifiable information on IRAs and HSAs. They work with financial advisers, bankers, and other industry professionals to make sure they are properly armed with the latest information and serving their clients best.


For many years, PMC IRA & HSA Resources prided themselves in the personal approach they took in reaching potential clients and serving current clients. However, they also recognized there has been a shift in the persona of their client-base and the way they want to receive their business resources. Having worked with our printing company, The Homer Group, many years ago, they approached Navitas Marketing to discuss how they could position their traditional business model as a modern brand and continue to serve their clients how they prefer to be served, whether it be through traditional or modern approaches.



Over the past few years, we have worked to rebrand PMC, modernizing their well-known logo and redesigning and rewriting all of their print marketing materials to reflect a consistent and modern look that will be easily recognized when received by industry professionals. Information is written succinctly and organized in a way that the reader will be engaged and want to read the next piece of content.

The PMC website provides a significant increase in content management and organization, streamlining the visitor's process in finding the information being searched for. Users have the ability to register for events or purchase a variety of products and services through the website. New functionality is frequently being added to enhance the user experience. With video becoming increasingly popular each day, we developed a testimonial video that utilizes footage that PMC had previously captured. 

While PMC continues to provide a number of traditional marketing services to its customers, we have helped to launch many of their online resources. These resources have been promoted through Google Ads campaigns, and we've consulted with them to help them complement their marketing efforts with the use of social media. 


The evolution of the brand is significant, and has been received by their clients with rave reviews. We've received tremendous feedback on the modern and consistent that we've designed for them, they've been extremely pleased with the copy we've designed for them, and they have recognized a significant shift in customers ordering online and utilizing online training materials, which has helped streamline various business processes internaly for PMC.

We're proud to continue watching this brand grow nationally, and honored to be a part of it!

As a financial consulting firm with a nationwide focus, we thought it best to improve our website image and social networking presence to not only attract new clients but to retain existing relationships. Navitas Marketing was an obvious choice for us based on our positive relationship with The Homer Group for the past 40 years. Kevin Homer understood very early in our discovery process that our good reputation, image, products and services offerings, target audience, and time-frame for improvement was paramount to our continued business success. This understanding was evident with cost-effective solutions, an improved website, and creative and technical support staff always at the ready. They say in marketing that you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. If you’re looking for that first good impression, look to Navitas Marketing! Navitas Marketing has earned trusted business partner status with PMC.

Don B|Director, Customer Service|PMC