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Lansinoh Understands That Sometimes Breastfeeding Moms Need a Little Help

For nearly 30 years ago, Lansinoh has been providing breastfeeding moms with a range of products and support, from soothing lanolin to breastfeeding pumps and accessories. Their marketing approach targets both breastfeeding women and the medical professionals who care for them.


Our sister company, The Homer Group, began working with Lansinoh USA by providing printing and fulfillment services. This was primarily focused on their sampling program, sending product samples, signage, and patient training materials to major retailers and local doctors and OB/GYNs across the country. As the relationship strengthened, Lansinoh began to lean on Navitas Marketing to help design the materials that were being included in the fulfillment packages.



Navitas Marketing has worked with internal staff at Lansinoh, as well as their global brand agency, to ensure that we are maintaining all graphic standards and working together to best serve the client. We have provided graphic design services for many print marketing items, such as posters, product guides, and customer service manuals. We've also designed large signage that's been installed in conference rooms, trade show signage, shirts, and email templates used in their email marketing efforts. 


Lansinoh has been very pleased with the team approach that Navitas Marketing and The Homer Group have been able to provide to them, helping them streamline their business as we've been knowledgable enough to provide services from design to production to fulfillment and distribution.