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Brendan McNulty Wants His Voice to Have a Stronger Reach Online

For over a decade, Brendan has been using his voice talents to entertain and inform people through informational videos, radio commercials, eLearning courses, and more.


Brendan was looking to update his look and increase his online presence in order to draw in more clients. His capabilities, studio, and equipment had improved, so it was time he made this aware through his branding. 


Navitas Marketing created a brand new logo for Brendan using the actual soundwave from recording himself saying the name of his business. We were able to outline that soundwave and include it in his new logo while maintaining a very strong, modern, corporate look. We then created a one page website to, most importantly, highlight his work. The website features his audio reel, embedded videos of his work, and an option to download the reel so that his agents can send the clip to potential clients.