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We're Helping Boehringer Show How They're Providing Innovation, Quality, and Service to Medical Professionals Around the World

Boehringer Laboratories is a biomedical engineering firm that designs and manufactures medical instruments in the surgical, anesthetic and respiratory fields. We began working with Jack Boehringer when he worked out of his basement over 40 years ago. Today, Boehringer Laboratories holds over 80 patents and their medical products are used internationally in over 35 different countries.


When you're manufacturing premium medical devices, you require a brand that accurately reflects high quality and value. Boehringer Laboratories requires sales and marketing collateral that allows them to present their message and value proposition to a national and international audience including both hospital office personnel and medical professionals.


Although we did not design Boehringer's original logo, we have designed and maintained the other brand components, which have grown and evolved significantly over the years to ensure they always had a modern approach and stayed ahead of competitors.

We have designed sales and marketing materials over the years including product manuals, sales kits, marketing fliers, national and international trade show booths, presentation signage, direct mail campaigns, product labels, and more. We also built a website and managed an online marketing campaign a few years ago when they launched their first consumer product for restless leg syndrome.

This relationship with Boehringer Laboratories was originally established by our sister company, The Homer Group, long before Navitas Marketing existed. For over 40 years, The Homer Group has provided commercial printing, fulfillment, and mailing and distribution services for Boehringer.