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Access Services is Finding Homes who are Willing to Open Their Doors to Those in Need

Access Services has been providing support services to those with special needs and disabilities to the Eastern Pennsylvania community since 1976. They understand that everyone deserves to live a fulfilling life, from children in need of foster care to adults with developmental challenges or disabilities.


One of the many services that Access Services provides throughout Montgomery County, Bucks County, Berks County, and Lehigh Valley is finding caretakers for adults with special needs and foster parents for children. They wanted to utilize online marketing strategies to reach adults who may be interested in opening their homes. 


Navitas Marketing worked with Access Services to develop two new landing pages for their lifesharing and fostering services, which included very specific information that a potential provider would be interested in. If a potential provider is interested in learning more about the opportunity, we want to make sure it's quick and simple for them to contact Access Services to get that conversation started, so we included a simple contact form and a live chat feature. 

We've implemented a Google Ads campaign, strategically targeting the zip codes that pose the most need for Access Services and reach them through a Google Search and Google Display campaign. We also help manage Access Services' Google AdGrant, which is used to promote other services provided by Access Services through Google Search. 


In the first 5 months of the campaign, Access Services has received almost 300 inquiries of interested foster parents or lifesharing and respite providers, with almost 12% of the visitors who have reached their landing pages through our Google Ads campaign reaching out for additional information. Additionally, the interaction rate of their Google Search campaign is well above industry average. 

The campaign and ads are doing their job in attracting the right audience, and the landing pages are doing their job in converting visitors to reach out to potentially become providers.