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Trend 4: Brand and Performance Collide

The fourth trend dives into how brand and performance marketing collide! Businesses have used social media to build brands and spread awareness faster than ever before. In recent years, its become difficult to do this organically and they’re eager to increase their return on investment. To achieve these goals, businesses of all variety increased the use of social advertising for a click, lead and eventual sale of a product or service. According to Hootsuite’s Social Media Trends 2020 Survey, 44 percent of senior marketers cite ‘driving conversions’ as a top outcome for social in 2020. Social is becoming important for brand recognition and the expected performance level cannot keep up. Marketers are and will be juggling short-term sales and long-term brand building in 2020.

Trends one, two, three, and five are important to remember when talking about brand and performance marketing. Check them out!

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