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June 1, 2015

Posted by: Lindsay


The Super Six Social Sites

Social media has become “the next big thing” in marketing for businesses. Social media marketing helps increase brand recognition, traffic to your website, brand loyalty, and search engine optimization, as well as allowing for a positive customer experience.


If your business isn’t using social media to its advantage you're losing out on a huge opportunity. The longer you wait, the more you have to lose. So get started now!


With so many social media networks out there, it's hard determining which one is right for your business. We have broken down the “Super Six Social Sites” for you and the advantages of each one.



1. Facebook - Facebook is one of the largest and most widely-used social media networks. If your number one excuse for not having a social media account for your business is time commitment, you might want to consider these statistics first. There are 1.19 billion monthly active users, 874 million mobile users, and 728 million daily users. With so many users on Facebook there is no reason not to have one for your business. On Facebook you're able to share and see updates from friends, share photos and videos, display key information about your business, create groups and events, chat with those interested in your business, integrate numerous applications to your page, and much more. Facebook also uses a social graph to target demographics and people making Facebook advertising useful in targeting the exact audience you want your ad exposed to.


2. Twitter - Twitter is quick and frequent, with all messages being within 140 characters. Posts can be read, “favorited”, and re-tweeted by followers who are interested in a specific post. They are attention grabbers that draw a user in and leave them wanting more. One unique attribute to Twitter is their use of hashtags. Hashtags are mainly used for search purposes within the Twitter network.


3. Google+ - Google+  is a social media network that builds off of your Google account. Google’s way of differentiating themselves from similar social sites like Twitter and Facebook is designating specific groups for your contacts and your particular interests and putting them into “circles”. Putting contacts into circles allows your feed to display exactly what you want to see and avoid clutter. Google+ is for connecting you with your passions and creating a sense of community. It also positively impacts your brand's search engine optimization with its connection to Google My Business.


4. LinkedIn - LinkedIn is a professional network for individuals and business to share information relevant to their industry. LinkedIn pages for individuals acts as a digital resume that expands much greater  than your basic one page resume, with features such asconnections, recommendations, skills, and endorsements. LinkedIn accounts are also available to businesses. Features that are specific to business pages include relevant company information as well as the ability to develop updates, similar to the posting feature that Facebook has. Businesses are also able to publish job postings and develop a showcase page to showcase a dividion of a larger business or about a specific event or presentation your company holds.


5. Pinterest - Pinterest is a social image bookmarking site that sets up a dashboard of “pins” that are linked to different websites. You can then bookmark these pins in different categories known as “boards” for easy access later. To have your dashboard filled with pins specific to your interests, you can follow other pinners or even just one of their boards. When a pinner that you follow pins an image to one of their boards, this will then pop up on your Pinterest dashboard.   


6. Instagram - Instagram is a photo and video sharing service that is primarily used through mobile devices. Instagram is accessible through the internet but does not have all the same features that the application does on a mobile device. Users are able to upload photos and videos to the application to then apply a filter over the photo. A short caption is usually attached along with relevant hash tags to drive traffic to a post. Users who follow you on Instagram are then able to like and comment on your picture that you have uploaded and vice versa.  Every picture that you upload to Instagram has the capability to then be shared on other social media accounts you have linked to your Instagram account.


Social media has become an important aspect of business in the new millenium. If you're not on social media your're missing out on a huge opportunity to expand your business. And the best part about it all is that setting up profiles is free!


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