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The New Approach to Tradeshows in 2022

After two years of virtual events, tradeshows and conventions are slowly making their way back into in-person spaces. Businesses continue to adapt to the new normal, and many are looking forward to networking, collaborating, and connecting with potential clients and partners in-person. Read along for a few of the latest trends for 2022.

Virtual vs. Hybrid vs. In-Person Events

Before exhibitors dive in headfirst, they must consider several approaches before signing up for all of the tradeshows. Virtual, hybrid, and in-person events will continue to coexist, and companies will need to plan accordingly — regardless of how they decide to attend. Recent studies have shown that 71% of event organizers want to hold on to the virtual opportunities and elements. As 2022 progresses, we will see hybrid events continue.

Micro Events: Intention & Personalization

Are the days of massive annual, in-person trade shows over? They might be. Of the marketers surveyed, 26 percent reported a greater return on investment and increases in attendee engagement from virtual events than in-person events. Because of the new models and ways to attend events, many exhibitors will continue to plan with intention. Smaller, more personal, and more focused events will give attendees a better idea of what's important to them. As a result of this approach, multiple small events can occur throughout the year instead of one big event once a year.

Data Collection is Key

One of the biggest pros of hybrid and virtual events is the opportunities to collect data. These analytics are essential data to give event planners, sponsors, and exhibitors greater insight into their target audience and event attendees. With virtual and hybrid events, data analysts can understand the people and businesses using their software and brands.

No matter how you choose to attend tradeshows and events this year, our impactful approach to tradeshow marketing and print support from the Homer Group can help. Our team of experts will create strategies to allow your brand to stand out. Contact us.

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