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September 6, 2017

Posted by: Lydia Erickson


The Importance of a Brand

A brand is a trademark. It puts a company’s mark on products, ideas, and designs. A brand isn’t something clients can hold in their hands, but it will unquestionably be an image they hold in their minds and thoughts.


Your brand will shape how consumers view your company and your services long before they walk into your store. No matter the size of your company, a brand is a requirement to take control of how others view you. Creating and maintaining an effective brand is a crucial part of marketing.


Brands improve recognition.

A brand makes your company memorable, and sets you apart from the crowd. It provides a simple image that easily comes to mind when people think of your business. A simple logo design suddenly has meaning in the mind of the viewer, and points back to everything you can offer. A brand causes customers to think of a company without even hearing its name. Instead of getting lost in the list of other businesses similar to you, a brand will set you apart, improve recognition, and bring more customers to your door. 

Brands help advertising. 


One of the biggest problems in advertising today is companies not choosing appropriate marketing strategies for their individual business. This is often a result of not knowing exactly what they want their company to be. A brand allows you to focus your company’s vision. Understanding your brand helps you understand your company, and as a result your advertising strategies become significantly clearer. Once you understand your company and your goals, choosing advertising strategies is simple and becomes fitted to both personal and consumer needs.

Brands make a promise to customers. 

Brands tell the story of who you are as a company. They clearly lay out who you are, what you offer, and how you will follow through on your promises. As a result, your customers know exactly what kind of service they should expect, and this requires responsibility. Your brand creates trust with your consumer base. Make sure you deliver what you promise through your brand. Holding your company to a high standard modeling the ideals promised in your brand will build a reputation of excellence and integrity.

Brands increase your financial value. 


A good company name is even more valuable than the services it offers. Examples of popular brand names today include Apple, Google, Facebook, and Coca-Cola, all of whom have benefited financially from creating a strong brand.


People buy what they know and trust, and they are also more likely to refer their friends to a company they can identify with. An excellent brand will create trust and identify with customers, and increase sales monumentally.


Brands represent you. They easily create an image of your values, goals, and promises to every client. Offer work that is worthy of your brand, and benefit from increased value, improved recognition, and rewards for your company as a whole.


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