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September 1, 2020

Posted by: Zack James


Technology & Apps for Small Businesses

On August 20, 2020, Navitas Marketing hosted our bi-weekly Thursday Thoughts - A Weekly Live Marketing Discussion with Navitas Marketing. We were joined by Stephanie Humphrey, AKA Tech Life Steph, and we talked about apps, programs, and technology that can help small business owners and entrepreneurs thrive and manage their businesses more efficiently.



Are you a business owner who feels alienated by technology? Big Brother knows everything from your birthday to your favorite band to what car you drive. We feel it too, technology can be invasive at times, but that isn’t justification to rule it out, especially when it comes to your business.


In the 90’s, business owners thought they’d be fine without a website. In the 2010’s it was social media that was all the buzz, but was thought of as something just for the young folks. Today, it's the widgets, apps, and other forms of technology that are vital to the efficiency and success of small business. We were lucky enough to have Stephanie Humphrey come and explain her favorite tech for business on our latest Thursday Thoughts.


Watch as Tech Life Steph explains the benefits of free programs like Canva for digital marketing and Wave for accounting. Even our own Zack James picked up a few pointers and made sure download LastPass; hackers beware!


Watch the full discussion above or check out the list of apps below to that were highly recommended. The presentation will provide more details that explain why Tech Life Steph is using them and suggesting them to others!



If you have any questions or want to recommend some other free or low-cost apps for small business owners, please include them in the links below! Join us for future editions of Thursday Thoughts or contact us if you're interested in being a guest speaker!


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