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July 8, 2014

Posted by: Kevin Homer


Stop Giving the 'Me, Me, Me' Presentation

For many businesses, a sales pitch of some sort is needed to generate new business. We work with a lot of companies who do the "dog and pony show". We help our clients design a branded presentation template, design and print their pocket folders and sales materials, and sometimes provide promotional products to leave behind.


The presentation itself can make or break any sales pitch. We always push, and you've certainly heard it before, that the amount of content in your presentation should be kept to a minimum. Each slide should include bullet points of what the presenter will be discussing. It should not include paragraphs of copy. The presentation is an outline, not a manuscript. Too much copy will be difficult to read and will also distract from what you're telling your audience, because they'll be staring past you the entire time. 


Most of us know that rule as "Critical Presentation Rule #1". So what is the second most critical rule?


Make the "About Us" slide about THEM.


90% of presentations begin with a slide of information regarding when they were founded, how many clients they have, what awards they've won, and how big they are. The fact is, your audience is interested in one [potential] customer: them! You're there to meet their needs, not your own needs. You don't talk about yourself the entire time when you're on a date (if you do, you shouldn't - there's your free dating advice), and you should talk about yourself the whole time here either. If you really need this About Us slide, leave it for the end of the presentation, for your potential customer is already wowed by the rest of your sales pitch, which has been tailored to them. However, most of the information on the About Us slide can usually be gently introduced throughout the course of your conversation, and not forced all at once on a single slide.


Everyone has a different approach to sales presentations. What are your favorite tips?



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