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February 15, 2017

Posted by: Brendan McNulty


So..just HOW important is a good title?

Think about your own internet habits.  You probably have the usual websites and blogs that you check daily, or at least fairly often. You have certain people/companies in your Twitter and Facebook feeds that you’ll stop scrolling long enough to take a glance at what they have to say. How does someone or some company become one of those things people stop scrolling for? By consistently coming up with great titles for your posts and blogs. (And of course, having great content to back them up!)


The headline of your blog post, or the subject of your e-mail must stand out amongst the clutter of everyday life, and you may spend the majority of your time writing it. One idea suggested an 80/20 rule, where 80% of your time is dedicated to crafting the title, while the other 20% is used for writing the actual body of the post.  (Source) .  But what does your headline need to say to make it stand out?


Of course it needs to be accurate to the content of your email/post/blog. Don’t oversell the content in the title, leaving your readers underwhelmed after taking the time to read it.  Also you’ll want to keep it short; of course you’ll run into character limits on platforms like Twitter, but studies also show that headlines of about eight to twelve words perform the best in regards to viewers clicking through them.  (Source)


And for heaven’s sake, PLEASE don’t turn your headline into clickbait.  Multiple studies show that clickbait only confuses your audience (Source). Clickbait only erodes the confidence your readers have in you, which is not worth the bump in clicks you may get in the short term.

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