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August 24, 2016

Posted by: Kevin Homer


Social Media Advertising - Stats & Tips

Having a social media presence for your business or organization is extremely important. It helps deliver an intended message to a large audience (there 2,300,000,000 active global social media users), increases brand recognition (the top social networks with the highest brand awareness are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat), and enhance search engine rankings. 


Unsure of which platforms are best for your business? Just like any marketing effort, it's important to identify your goals for your social media campaign, the target audience you wish to reach, and how success will be measured. Below is some information that can be used to determine which platforms identify with your business goals.




Key statistics:

  - 1.09 billion daily active users

  - 1.65 billion total active users

  - Nearly 69% of all global social media users

  - Nearly 46 minutes average in App minutes per day (USA)

  - 8 billion video views per day

  - 44% of USA users claim Facebook is their primary source of news


Other important information:


Accurate Data - Facebook has a very robust data tracking system, which allows brands to target relevant audience segments with its advertising. 


Multiple Objectives - Facebook Ads allow for a wide variety of objectives, with different pricing models available based on the goals of your business, whether it be to maximize ad impressions, interactions, website clicks, App downloads, or many other objectives.


Remarketing Campaigns - Using a "pixel", brands can executive remarketing campaigns within Facebook to expose messaging and advertising to users who were previously exposed to the brand outside of Facebook.




Key statistics:

  - 150 million daily active users

  - 200 million total active users

  - Nearly 19 minutes average time spent in App per day (USA)

  - 10 billion daily mobile video views

  - 86% of USA users are under 34 years old


Other important information:


Reach Millennials - Snapchat reaches about 41% of all 18-34 year-olds in the USA


Engaging Rich Media - Snapchat drives high view completion rates with fullscreen video ads. Ads seamlessly appear in a user's "Story", and one can swipe an ad to reveal extended content or a call-to-action.






Key statistics:

  - 300 million daily active users

  - 500 million total active users

  - Nearly 20 minutes average time spent in App per day (USA)

  - 65% of active daily users are women


Other important information:


Preferred Channel for Women - Female social media users prefer Instagram for engaging with branded content more than other social networks.


Remarketing Campaigns - Using a "pixel", brands can executive remarketing campaigns within Instagram to expose messaging and advertising to users who were previously exposed to the brand outside of Facebook.


Seamless Integration with Facebook - Instagram Ads are managed through the Facebook Ads platform, allowing advertisers to target the same ads and demographic audiences to both platforms simultaneously. 





Key statistics:

  - 136 million daily active users

  - 320 million total active users

  - Nearly 14 minutes averate time spent in App per day (USA)

  - 93% of video views are on mobile

  - 67% of users are likely to buy from brands they follow on Twitter


Other important information:


Network-specific promotion - 1/3 of Twitter users follow one or more brands, and 90% of those users follow them for discounts or other cost-saving promotions. Give the people what they want!


Viral marketing message - Marketing agencies cringe when we hear "I want a viral marketing campaign" or "I want a viral video". However, Twitter is known for its ease of retweeting someone's message, so Twitter does help users to reach a larger audience than initially intended.




Some of the information on this blog post was borrowed from TubeMogul.

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