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February 4, 2016

Posted by: Kevin Homer


Reap the Benefits of Trade Shows After the Trade Show is Over

Exhibiting at a trade show can be so valuable. Trade show attendees are there because they want to be; because they're interested in your vertical. This captive audience provides exhibitors with the opportunity to find potential customers, form a partnership with other attendees, or rekindle relationships with current customers. To maximize the value of your company's presence, make sure you have a sales team present that will be outgoing and engaging, and will pull attendees into your interesting, informative, and [hopefully] fun booth.


Let's be honest... exhibiting at a trade show can be expensive. So make sure you maximize your efforts at the trade show to ensure you're getting the best value and return on investment, even after the show is over.


Memorable Trade Show Booth Design


You only have a few quick seconds to catch someone's attention and make a lasting impression.  Make sure your signage is memorable, both in design and in message. Information needs to be provided correctly, the design should pop and follow your company's branding standards, the layout of the booth should entice attendees to come learn more. Interactive displays and contests or sweepstakes are always a great idea, and provide some freebies that the attendees will want to use (keeping your name in front of them). 


Don't Forget About Social Media


Have you noticed how trade show attendees frequently have their heads buried in their phones as they're walking around the trade show floor? Many of them are using social media... so why aren't you? Provide your social media information to connect with your leads, provide updates throughout the day on your social media accounts, and provide opportunities to interract by providing enticing questions, contests, or Q&A. Post photos and ask your attendees to do the same, and ask them to tag you or use a predetermined #hashtag.


Lead Generation is Key!


Although we would love to think that every lead we get excited about at a trade show will follow up after the show, the reality is that it just doesn't work that way. A solid lead generation strategy needs to be implemented to ensure you truly benefit from your trade show presence. Collect business cards when attendees enter a contest or giveaway in your booth, offer to email free information or exclusive promotions, or provide free evaluations right in your booth. This way, you can reach back out to them to keep the conversation going, and if you follow the tips listed above, they'll remember who you are when you reach back out. 


Establish a Followup Plan Ahead of Time


Whether you're going to personally call 100 visitors to your booth or send mailers to thousands of trade show attendees, make sure your company has the plan established prior to the show. Your post-show strategy should be executed within one week of the show; otherwise, you're old and forgotten news. Mailers should be pre-written and ready to go; don't start designing postcards after you're back from the show.


What are your favorite strategies to make sure trade show attendees remember you? Comment below with your favorite tips!

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