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Online Marketing for the Healthcare Industry

It’s not a secret that consumer behavior is changing throughout all sectors. Now more than ever, it is imperative for industries to stay on top of marketing trends, and with healthcare being a Top 5 Concern for Americans, the medical industry is no exception.


Healthcare is an ever-changing industry. With new innovations emerging every day, the medical industry is constantly moving forward and with this momentum, comes a change in the way consumers interact with the industry. With 88% of patients using search to find a treatment center, and an average of 12.4 resources checked by a patient prior to a hospital visit, the information put out by your businesses becomes the forefront of your business to consumer relationship. 


Search tools are a top source of healthcare information because they provide immediate answers. As a marketer, its essential that you are present in the path of non-branded search to conversion. A marketer must be involved in every step of the process, from the initial search to the brand conversion.  In this age of smart phones and on-the-go information, healthcare consumers want three things: an easy experience, to feel empowered, and immediacy of response, which makes it that much more necessary to have not only updated and professional information, but a site that is streamlined and accessible as well.


While the information presented through your desktop site is important, mobile has become a catalyst for increased search activity- which furthers the necessity to have an increased presence across the web. As I mentioned above, it’s not just having an updated website; the emergence of YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook has made it a necessity to go above and beyond.


One way to do just that is through online videos. Online video is a rapidly-growing gateway for health information. 2016 was the first-year online video surpassed television in time spent watching per day, with individuals watching on average 5:45 hours daily. With 3 billion health searches, YouTube and other video platforms have become the next frontier for extending your business’ reach. 


Given these overwhelming statistics, you may be thinking “Where do I start if I want to take advantage of these potential growth opportunities?” There are simple steps to take to ensure your success in these platforms.

  • First, audit your existing video assets. Many of you may already have video content floating around, but when this content is not accessible it’s not doing you any good. When 1 in 2 patients report wanting to hear another patients story on video, the goal becomes to take that pre-existing content and make it findable in order to engage with consumers.
  • Next, develop a targeted plan by understanding what your consumer’s intent is. If you can understand this, you can develop a plan to meet that intent and further connect with your viewers.
  • Another step to take is to understand top user searchers. By leveraging this knowledge, you can ensure that your content is among top consumer searches.
  • Finally, scope YouTube inventory. Find out what is out there and how you can contribute to it in a unique and meaningful way.


In addition to these steps, there are many resources for you to take advantage of, such as the YouTube Director for Business app, webinars, and even our own Google Partners Connect Presentations here at Navitas.


Overall, the key to a successful online presence, you must be present in each and every moment that consumers are making decisions about their health, starting at the very beginning with search. Build awareness and understanding of your brand through digital video, and most importantly, think mobile first!



Statistics found in this blog post were presented in a recent Google Partners Connect presentation.

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