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September 25, 2017

Posted by: Lydia Erickson


Marketing to Millennials: What Companies Need to Know

It’s no secret that marketing in the United States is increasingly becoming focused on millennial consumers. Millennials have a growing amount of buying power and are influential both online and in face to face communication. As a result, they need to be prioritized when creating new marketing approaches. Incorporate the following tips into your next campaign and watch the difference millennials can make for your company.

Tip 1: Social media matters.

In the millennial world, referrals and promotion no longer occur in phone conversations and emails; they are primarily made on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. As a result, it is necessary to monitor and respond to reviews and posts on these platforms whether they are positive or negative. Social media is one of the best ways to hear from and respond to what millennials are saying, and improve effective communication.


Tip 2: Speed it up.

The digital and millennial age demands swiftness. Value is placed in how fast businesses reply to messages, phone calls, and requests from consumers, and this will affect overall opinion of your brand. It is incredibly important to be readily accessible and responsive to any needs millennial consumers have. Make sure that all contact information is readily available and clearly noted so that clients can contact you, and increase forms of contact from just a phone number to an email address, chat option, and website. Exigence requires excellence.


Tip 3: Mobile is a must.

The smartphone is now equally as important as any laptop or desktop computer. As a result, mobile compatibility and ease of access needs is essential. Make sure that all websites and company links are accessible to both iPhones and Android phones, and that all components easily and quickly load onto any device.


Tip 4: Create an experience, not just an ad.

Gamification is becoming increasingly popular in the marketing world, primarily because it significantly increases millennial engagement. Utilizing competition and direct interaction with an ad campaign helps viewers become more invested and more likely to remember and buy company products. Remember that the interactive world is actually helpful for your business because clients are more likely to retweet, like, and share the content you are promoting.


Tip 5: Learn the Lingo

No matter the demographic, people pay more attention when they feel the advertisement or message being presented is genuine and relates to them personally. Millennials are no exception to this rule, so learning their common terminology and slang terms will greatly assist any ad campaign. Additionally, by using their words, you will match their search terms online and on Google and YouTube, and are more likely to have traffic to your website.


Millennials represent the influence of technological advancements in marketing and advertising, and they cannot be forgotten in marketing strategy. Remember the importance of mobile technology, the necessity of responding quickly and effectively, and targeting campaigns that are relatable and interactive. Following these tips will ensure increased engagement and ultimately mutual benefit for both marketers and millennials together.

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