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August 13, 2021

Posted by: Courteney Williams


Is Your Website ADA-Compliant?

Over 50 million people in the United States have a disability, yet 98% of websites are not ADA compliant.

The Americans with Disabilities Act has protected individuals with disabilities to ensure that environments such as work, stores, and digital platforms are accessible for all people. When websites are non-compliant and inaccessible to the disabled, companies may be missing out on potential business from over 20% of the United States population - leaving them susceptible to costly lawsuits.

Here are five reasons why your website should be ADA Compliant:

1.     Your target audience increases when your website is accessible for all visitors

2.     Your SEO ranking improves when search engines see that your website is user-friendly for all users across all platforms.

3.     Online reputation and overall reputation could improve when you position your brand as catering to individuals with all types of abilities.

4.     Overall better website usability is important for everyone, because we all know that when a website visitor is frustrated about website performance, they leave the website and check out a competitor.

5.     Avoiding penalties or costly lawsuits that could cripple a business.

In addition to the benefits of having an ADA-compliant website, there are tax credits available for businesses who invest in ADA-compliant technologies as part of the website development project.

Please comment and tell us about the benefits your business has seen by adding accessibility and compliance to your website!

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