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July 13, 2017

Posted by: Kevin Homer


How to Select a Marketing Agency

I was recently honored to sit on an expert panel at the Latino Small Business Road Show, hosted by the Greater Philadelphia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and Montgomery County Commerce Department. Latino entrepreneurs asked questions regarding financing, legal structure and contracts, and many other pillars of business. There were also great inquiries regarding marketing and social media, but one question was particularly interesting:


"I've received many pitches from social media agencies. What should I ask to make sure I'm picking the right one?"


There were some great recommendations made that can be helpful when choosing the right agency to work with.


  - Ask about the team of professionals who will be working on your account

  - Find out if the agency has experience in your industry

  - Ask they type of results they expect to achieve

  - See if they have any previous case studies they can share

  - Request client references


These are all great suggestions and are very important factors. However, just as important as the question a company can ask a potential agency is what questions the agency asks its potential client. I truly want my clients to succeed, so in order for us to recommend and potentially implement a marketing strategy for a potential client, there is certain information that we want to know:


 - What are their goals, and how will they measure success?

 - What is the profitability of their products and/or services?

 - What other marketing efforts are they investing in?

 - What is their competitive advantage?


Every business is different, so our questionnaire is different for everyone. However, the more information I can receive about my client will help us develop a better strategy, as well as develop confidence and trust with the potential client. This shows that we have genuine interest in establishing growth, and are not just looking to make a buck.


As a company looking for a new agency, what information would you want to know about them, and what would you like them to ask from you? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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