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How to Prepare for the 2020 Trade Show Season

As we prepare for trade show season, there are a few things to consider. From a strategic layout to the use of technology, trade shows have evolved tremendously in recent years. Whether you’re new to exhibiting for trade shows or want to evaluate your presence and make sure you’re putting your business’s best foot forward, check out our 2020 trends that you’ll be sure to want to consider.

Strategic approach

This one seems so obvious but is frequently overlooked. Not only is it important to have a trade show marketing plan in place, but it is also important for this plan to reflect your overall brand strategy. This is important as your trade show strategy bleeds into your content marketing and social media. All of these areas are important for your brand’s message and representation. Consistency is key!

Customer-focused booth design

Providing a comfortable environment and space for guests can make a huge difference! Trade shows can be long and exhausting, so if you have space, consider incorporating a lounge area where attendees can take a few minutes to recharge. While they are physically recharging, your booth could be a hotspot for a cellphone charging station too! This creates increased opportunities to speak to potential clients.

Use of light

Lighting is incredibly important! If your booth is “too dark”, as your potential clients can’t see you among the other vendors. Lighting could come from lamps, colorful light, and even from the use of technology, such as TVs (is streaming video part of your brand’s strategy?) or backlit signage. Visual elements will be incredibly important in the 2020 season.

Five senses experience

Regardless of what you’re trying to pitch, a five senses experience can keep attendees at your booth for longer periods of time and want to learn more about you. Attendees want to be able to interact with your product to best help them determine if it will benefit them. Finding creative ways to incorporate taste and smell could also factor into your selling point.

For example, if you’re promoting a new kitchen gadget, be sure to show off everything it can do! Promoting the latest microwave? Make something delicious for attendees to enjoy! Not promoting anything that can incorporate smell? Bring some cookies anyway!

Use of technology

Technology has become a huge part of everyday living From TVs to smartphones and other smart devices, it’s safe to say that our society could not survive without the latest tech. In recent years, the use of Virtual Reality (VR) has gained traction, and become a key component among trade show vendors. Throw a presentation into your VR device, and we’re sure people will remember you!


With our knowledgeable and impactful approach to tradeshow marketing and print support from The Homer Group, we can maximize your investment that yields a strong return on investment. 2020 tradeshow season. If you’re headed to a trade show and you’re not sure if your presence is where it should be, let’s chat!

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