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How Important Is Directory and Online Listings Management to Your Online Presence?

It can be mind-boggling how many places online the basic information of your business, such as name of business, address, and phone number, is listed. Online directories, search engines, even customer review sites all know that your business exists, but they can be pulling the information about it from different sources. This can lead to this search engine having this phone number as your primary, while that online directory may have a different phone number listed. Even worse, somehow, a map thinks your business is in a different location or closed altogether.


Directory and listings management is critical to your business' online presence for multiple reasons. First, you want potential customers to have the correct information about your business, and how to contact or visit you. Any roadblocks between your business and a potential customer could cost you money. Second, having different information across different directories and sites can hurt your SEO. Google relies heavily on the accuracy of your information; if Site A says you have one phone number, while Site B says a different phone number, Google is going to have less confidence in your listing's accuracy, and Google doesn't like it when they're wrong. The more often they find the same information about your business as they crawl for information, the more confident they are in your listing, which improves your business' SEO and ranks you higher in searches. 


So how can you ensure that your business' information is correct and consistant across many directories and listings?  Navitas Marketing offers Directory and Listings Management give you Full control of your business directory listings on 59 different Publishers and Directory locations, plus we will suppress any duplicate listings that may have incorrect information, boosting your online presence, and your business' SEO. Best of all? The correct information will not change unless YOU want it changed!


For more information on how Navitas Marketing can ensure consistant, correct information for your business directory and listings, visit our Directory Listings page.

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