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March 18, 2015

Posted by: Brian


How Gamification In Marketing Can Grow An Audience

March Madness means a flurry of NCAA brackets. Media and publication companies (especially related to sports like ESPN and Grantland) make a huge splash marketing bracket sign ups in this gamification.


Brackets can span across the board for other industries, too. They can specifically be designed for engaging audiences. People take notice. Because who doesn’t like games?


In other words, gamification is a unique way of drawing attention from loyal customers and potential new leads. Whether it is a sweepstakes based on sheer luck or a skill-based contest, the main goal is to generate positive rewards for involved participants while expanding outcomes for sales or conversion.


Today, social media is a valuable tool companies can turn to with achieving success in any contest or sweepstakes. Friends can trust what their friends share, especially when there are direct links to somebody’s prideful testimony. It’s one of the newest forms of word-of-mouth advertising.


Inviting friends and garnering a greater quantity may also be rewarding depending on the contest or sweepstakes. There are now tools to help develop those possibilities, and we even built our own DIY platform (Fans With Benefits is longer available). Businesses can develop custom functionality, which is great for developing brackets and other games beyond typical sweepstakes.

Gamification also requires a distinct sense of timing—including a deadline. It evokes invitation and urgency in one package. With sales, this works on a fantastic deal some may only find at a limited time. This goes hand in hand with contests. Only a certain amount can play, and only one may end up as the winner.


Customers may find your methods of gamification satisfying depending on the rules you set and what the prizes may be. Of course, you still want to make it a possibility that a customer can give voice to his or her experience when encountering your website or social media site for further improvements. 

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