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June 2, 2020

Posted by: Kevin Homer


Helpful Tips to Refine Your Google Searches

Are you responsible for any of the 5.6 billion Google searches conducted daily? There's a very good chance that you are. There's also a pretty good chance that you aren't searching as efficiently as you could be. Many people don't realize there are a number of shortcuts you could be taking to find the content you're searching for faster and more easily. Keeping reading for a few tips!

Refined Google Search Results


Search for a Price

Are you looking for something that includes a specific price? You gotta tell Google that! Add a dollar sign ($) in front of a number when you're conducting the search. For example, use the search term new laptop $600.


Search for a Topic

By now, most of us know that adding a hashtag (#) on social media allows you to see all posts about that particular topic. But did you know you can search for that topic on Google as well? Put the #hashtag in front of the word or phrase. For example: use the search term #PoweredByNavitas. (And how do you like that selfless plug?)


Exclude Words From Your Search

Sometimes, just as important as the words you're looking for, is excluding certain words from the search results. When we manage a Google Ads campaign, we always include a list of negative keywords, preventing an ad from showing up if a particular word is used. But did you know that you have control over the search results that get excluded as well? Use a hyphen (-) in front of the word you want to exclude from your search. For example, if you want to look for information about a particular type of snake, you can search for Cobra -insurance.


Search for an Exact Match

This might be the one that people are generally the most aware of. If you want to find exactly what you're looking for, put the word or phrase in quotes. Put a word or phrase inside quotes. This can also be for a part of a search phrase; the entire phrase does not need to be in quotes. For example, you can conduct a search for "the coolest marketing guy in Philly".


Search Within a Range of Numbers

How come eCommerce websites often have price range filters, but you can't really do that when searching on Google? Oh wait, yes you can! By adding two periods (..) between numbers, you can search within that range. And if you read by first tip above, you know that you need to add the dollar sign as well, so Google knows you're talking about pricing. For example, search for a 65" television $750..$1000.


Combine Searches

Are you looking for one of two things, or not sure which phrase is most appropriate? You can insert "OR" between two different search quiries to conduct a single search. For example, search for marketing OR branding.


Search Within a Specific Website

Some websites offer search functionality on their website, but not all site offer it. Don't ya hate when that happens? Well, if you wish a certain website had search available, you're in luck! All you need to do is a Google search and include "site:[insert website]" and then the term you're searching for. For example, search for social media.


My last tip is that Google includes an Advanced Search function. This can help you with some of the options above searching for content, dive into more specifics when searching for Images, and finding videos that fall within certain lengths, just to name a few.


Which of these shortcuts did you find more helpful, or what did I leave off my list that you find helpful? Please comment below!

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