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August 8, 2017

Posted by: Kevin Homer


[Fun Fact] Stop Over-Complicating Your Gmail Address

Are you one of the 1 billion users of Gmail? Chances are, you probably do have a Gmail address. It's extremely likely that you have shared your email address with others. Did you know that, in doing so, you may be making it harder than it needs to be?


What many Gmail users don't realize is that an email address with or without periods are the same email address. You can use,, or Emails will all end up in the same mailbox.


Next time you give an email address over the phone or you hand-write it and it gets smudged, you no longer have to worry! 



Please note: This is for Gmail only. You do need to respect the dot (or lack thereof) when using Outlook, Yahoo Mail, Apple Mail, or other email providers. 

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