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November 12, 2020

Posted by: Courteney Williams


Facebook Gets Rid of the 20% Text Limit on Ads

Great news for Facebook advertisers! Facebook recently announced that they would be removing the 20% text limit on any advertising graphics on the platform. This includes boosting posts or any other ad creation through their Ads Manager. Keep in mind that any advertising must stay in line with Facebook. Learn more by reviewing their Advertising Policy.

Not sure what image text is? See the example below for image text on Facebook and Instagram from Facebook for Business:

  1. Body text
  2. Ad image
  3. Image text

Previously, advertisers were penalized for submitting ads with text exceeding the 20 percent limit. An advertiser's ads will not be rejected going forward, but Facebook for Business reports that ads with under 20 percent text tend to perform better. If you need additional text to spread your message, it's better to add more text to the body text rather than the image text.

Were you someone who heavily relied on the Text Overlay Tool, but cannot seem to find it anymore? The bad news is that Facebook did away with this tool due to removing the text limitations.

Are you looking for some additional tips to improve your Facebook advertising game? Check out these best practices to boost your skills - no pun intended.

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