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Does Adding Video in Marketing Make a Difference?

The business landscape has become increasingly competitive, and taking advantage of new marketing strategies while incorporating existing efforts will prove to help your business. One of the most common trends today is online video, but is this really a valuable marketing tool?


In short, the answer is yes! Adding video to your marketing campaign is proven to make a positive difference for marketers today.








Video adds credibility.


Video adds a credibility factor to your business or service, especially with millennials. When watching a video, potential customers get to see your company in action, and this creates a connection with the brand. The common saying “seeing is believing,” illustrates how a video can add a sense of trust. Ultimately, a video ad provides the image that your brand is more credible than competitors without video.


Video adds emotional appeal.


Video ads help feed the emotional impulse of potential customers. Similarly to  impulse buying at the supermarket, when you see something, you want it because you experience it yourself. Some of the most successful advertising campaigns have used emotions as a huge part of their strategy, and played on the viewer’s sentiments to draw them in.  Through a video, a customer can better “feel” your brand, and become more open to the products or services that you offer.


Google and YouTube love video.


Search engine optimization helps clients find your business online, and major networks like Google and YouTube love video. If you want your page to rank highly on Google organically, you’ll want to make it as attractive as possible to both users and search engine crawlers.  Google is always updating their algorithms for this factor, and that includes their love of video content. Forrester Research showed that sites with video had a 53% higher probability of being ranked on page one of Google than sites without video content. Additionally, a video allows you to be found on YouTube, the second largest search engine in the world, which opens the door to a whole new range of clients.  Posting a video to YouTube and utilizing it on your homepage optimized for SEO will greatly increase hits clicking over from YouTube.


Video increases time spent on your website. 


Having a video on your website lowers a user’s bounce rate away from your website, and doubles the time spent on pages.  Additionally, video content can attract three times as many inbound links.  When a user spends more time on your site, they are more likely to commit to your products and services.



Creating effective, eye catching video as part of your marketing strategy is more than just getting your business’ name and image out to potential customers, it also helps with your digital and search engine strategy too.  Google loves video, customers love video, and you should love video too. 

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