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December 9, 2020

Posted by: Kevin Homer


Creating a Facebook Group as a Facebook Business Page

By now, you know that Facebook Groups are a way for people or businesses with common interests to join and collaborate. Groups can range from just a few members to over 11 million members. As individuals, we join groups to learn, share, and discuss a various of topics. But it can also be a great way to gain exposure to your business! 

Facebook Business pages are able to join Groups, but only if the Group is configured to allow Pages to join. While Groups have traditionally been created by individuals, Business Pages have this ability as well, and it can be very beneficial! 

A few reasons a Business Page might want to create a Facebook Group:

  • Increased brand awareness amongst those who show a common interest to your business' interests

  • Better engagement with followers

  • Allow collaboration and support to customers or potential customers

  • Utilize polls to ask questions and receive opinions

  • Build trust with your followers

Here are instructions for creating a Facebook Group as a Facebook page (as of December 2020):

  • Click "Pages" in the left menu and select the Page you want to use to create the Group 

  • Select the Groups tab to view the Groups you've already joined or created. (If you can't see it go to Settings > Templates and Tabs to make his tab visible.)?

  • Click "Create Group". 

Note: If you’ve already created a Group as an individual, you can add your Facebook Business Page as an administrator.

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