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April 12, 2021

Posted by: Zack James


Content Creation for Realtors and Sellers

On April 8, 2021, Chris Nelson appeared on Thursday Thoughts to give insight on how to successfully sell and promote a product through social media content creation. Chris is a realtor for GenStone Realty and received the 2014 5-Star Award from Philly Magazine for his dedication to his customers. He started to document the activities he enjoyed, unrelated to his real estate career, when he realized that the power of content creation could boost his business as well.

We talked about the importance of video content, selling your product as a realtor and a seller, as well as advice for those new to technology who are interested in using it for their business. Read or watch below to learn more about his FIVE SECRETS for content creation as a realtor, seller, or someone who wants to sell their product.  



Your Phone is Your Best Friend

In today’s world, our smartphones are attached to us, which comes in handy because they contain a high-quality camera. Chris emphasized that if you are selling a property through social media, you should be highlighting the community, and not just the listing itself, through photos and video. Building your social media presence with pictures and videos of the communities you serve will better present you as an expert for future opportunities as well.

Education is KEY

Chris stated that “the best way to connect with people is through humor and education.” It’s crucial to connect with potential buyers or sellers by educating people about topics such as the home buying process, what to avoid, how to make a strong offer, or how to choose the right home or offer. Providing information that buyers might want to ask before they actually ask it makes them more willing to follow your content.

Connect Through Hobbies

When meeting new people in non-business settings, it is typical that a Facebook or Instagram connection soon follows. While it was the hobby that connected you initially, those same people now realize that you are selling a product or service they may need in the future, and you have already established a relationship with them. Making your social handles recognizable of your what you are selling will bring in a whole new crowd of potential buyers.


500 million people watch facebook videos every day. The most fast growing app, TikTok, features 15-60 second videos, Facebook has a separate icon for video, and even LinkedIn has a story feature and is increasing its video algorithm. People prefer video and social media platforms prefer video. Seems like a great opportunity to start creating video content!

Choose your Platform

Each social media platform has a different audience with a different purpose. Navigating which one you find more compelling to selling a product is extremely important. One way of learning which platform is right for you is by determining which platform you find the best for YOU. If you turn to YouTube because you like learning how to solve problems step by step, then you should be posting on YouTube for your brand! Or if you just like quick and easy content, post on Instagram. It’s all about striking the balance of what platform(s) you enjoy, where your audience is, and the type of content you’ll be creating. 



There are much more secrets to content creation that we talked about during our Thursday Thoughts conversation. Even if you’re not in the real estate field, content creation is the future of business and marketing. Consider watching our discussion with tips from renown broker, Chris Nelson!

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