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August 7, 2017

Posted by: Lydia Erickson


Anatomy of a Website: It's Time for a Checkup

The digital age marks an undeniable shift towards online marketing. Statistics show that 81% of consumers visit a website before visiting a business in person, which means an online presence is a necessity.


However, simply having a website isn’t enough. Quality matters, and in the competitive market of online sales, excellence is essential to promote sales.


It’s time for a website checkup! Examine your website to see if it needs any of the following treatments and make it as healthy and serviceable as possible. 





Website Design


Websites provide the perfect opportunity to be visually creative and unique. Post eye catching graphics that capture the attention of site visitors. However, remember the importance of white space on a page so that the visual is appealing rather than overwhelming. Use graphics, images, and video to engage your audience, and consider style guidelines as another valuable tool. Finding the proper balance of these elements isn’t as easy as it sounds, but goes a long way.


Choose an attractive color pallet, and make sure the font is readable and clear. Functionality should always be a key factor when designing a website. Make each page simple and user friendly.



Device Compatibility 


A beautiful website on a desktop computer is no longer enough. The site should also adapt to a user’s smartphone,  tablet, or other device. A responsive website is programmed so that the design of the website "responds" to the size of the device that's being used to view it, which ensures the website design and functionality is optimized for the user. Brands may also consider developing an app to make a user’s experience on devices just as optimal as a desktop when accessing certain functionality.


Similarly, a majority of users find a company’s website through a search engine. Conforming with standards set by major search engines like Google and YouTube is necessary for potential customers to find your website in the first place. Using video on your site is one way to help get to the top of the results.



Current and Updated Content


Make sure you are promoting updated and current information relating to your company or business. This includes removing outdated information and posting any recent news, current staff, accurate contact information, etc. 


Additionally, staying current requires knowledge of recent trends in your industry. Follow patterns in social media, and keep an eye on your competitors to make sure you provide a competitive advantage for your consumers.


Not only will your website visitors appreciate this current info, but search engines will give you a boost in their search rankings when they see updated and dynamic information.



Clear Call to Action


Having a beautiful website that is current, functional, and compatible will help drive visitors to your site, but you need a call to action (CTA) to close the deal. A CTA tells customers what to do next, and it should be easy to find on your website.


CTA’s should provide a way for customers to visit in person, learn more, contact your business, or buy online. The CTA  will ultimately allow your company to achieve its objectives that are clear and easy to find.





Consider these tips the next time you give your website a checkup. A healthy website is one of the most effective marketing tools today, and will only prove to help your business.


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