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December 7, 2017

Posted by: Melissa Cafaro


6 Tips for Marketing Your Business in 2018

We all know how rapidly the marketing landscape is changing. New technologies lead to new consumer habits, new consumer habits lead to alternative marketing opportunities, and these new marketing opportunities utilize the new technologies that caused the new consumer habits. Lifestyles change, expectations change, preferences change, and marketing platforms change. 2018 is almost here, so without further ado, here are our 6 Tips for Marketing Your Business in 2018.


Use Social Media and use it Properly


Social Media platforms are constantly growing and changing. In 2018, there will be more people on social media platforms than ever before. With that in mind, a good social media strategy should be a staple in any effective marketing plan. The key to social media is more than just “If you post it they will come”. Your social media accounts should always be managed in a way that is relevant to your business. Here are some important tips to remember when using social media in 2018:


  • Review what’s working: Use your best performing messages as a guide for future content.

  • Schedule your messages: Publish at least three messages a day (across platforms) by scheduling a mix of your own and other's content.

  • Always respond to those who have interacted with you. People expect a timely response when they interact with you or your published content.

  • Listen to what others are saying: Act when prospects and customers tweet questions, complaints, or praise. Follow hashtags that are relevant to your business and join in the conversation.

  • Don’t take the “social” out of “social media.” Social media presents a great opportunity for your brand to have some fun and show some personality. Additionally, if you’re trying to aggressively to sell through social media, it will turn your audience away, so find the right balance to work in the sales stuff.


Mobile Marketing is a Must


Smartphone apps account for almost half of all audience time spent engaging with digital media. You can see for yourself by looking at your dashboard in Google Analytics (It’s 2018 – you should know what Google Analytics is by now). When you view this dashboard, you will see how many of your users are viewing your content via mobile devices, and we will bet its almost half of your users, if not more. Consumers are using their mobile devices to find quick and simple answers to their questions. Do not forget to market your business specifically on mobile devices and to mobile users. Mobile ads should be interactive and responsive. Make sure if you are running an ad that it fits to mobile displays. Did you know that more people in the world own a cell phone than a toothbrush? Don’t ignore this trend, and if you’re targeting mobile users, you’re ready to start 2018 out strong.


Don’t Forget Millennials


According to Google, 66% of millennials are confident that the information they find through their mobile devices, such as flight and hotel data, is the same as the information they would find on a desktop. Comparatively, only 43% of travelers over the age of 35 feel the same way. Millennials will be the next generation to use your product or services, if they aren’t already using them. So, don’t leave them out and don’t forget to market properly to them. When we say properly – we mean differently. Millennials react differently to triggers, they grew up with technology, they expect speed, instant gratification and success (when working with products or services). The easier you make your information to find the better your results will be.


Create Interactive and Educational Content


There are so many ads and images out there every day that most messages become jumbled to the consumer. In order to get your message across quickly and efficiently, your message must be clear and educational. By creating interactive content – information a consumer can directly interact with – the information is more likely to be retweeted, liked, or shared. Think; poll, game, quiz, and sign up form. Think; white papers, cheat sheets, and guides. A message with a call to action, “download your cheat sheet now”, will give your consumer a direct next step to interacting with your business and ultimately making it easier for you to find new customers., because they will be coming to you. Educational content like white papers, forms and templates are great forms of interactive and inbound (making them come to you) marketing.


Everyone Has the Need for Speed. So Make Sure it’s Fast


These days information is first presented on the internet. A customer will first search for a “solution to their problem” and then make an educated decision – based on what popped up first. You want to make sure your site is as fast as it can be. According to Google, 53% of people will leave a site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load and not only that, but 38% of smartphone users have screamed at, cursed or thrown their phones when pages take too long to load. Don't let that happen to your brand – especially because your consumers will then associate frustration with your product or services, moving forward. 3 seconds is not a lot of time. Make sure your site is fast by optimizing the images, having less plugins that can slow down your site and a good developer that can help with any issues. 


Check your mobile speed here:


Ask for User Generated Content


Who do you trust more: the internet, the president, or a close friend or family member? We would think a friend or family member... and after all, your own customers are your best referrals. So, create user generated content. Ask for reviews, respond to reviews and manage your company’s reputation. This gives even the largest companies a personality and helps your consumers interact with your brand.


So there you have it! 6 Tips to help you market your business in 2018!

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