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June 29, 2015

Posted by: Lindsay


5 Tools Everyone in the Advertising Industry Should Be Using

As every advertiser should know, the amount of advertising possibilities are endless. Distinguising where, when, and how to advertise can be tiresome. Luckily for us numerous tools have become available to better understand where and who our advertising dollars should be allocated. 


Below are 5 tools every advetiser should become familiar with to develop the best possible solutions to effectively reach their target audeince.


1. Google Analytics

Monitoring your website's traffic is key to understanding who your audience is. Google Analytics reports how well your website is performing and if it's achieving your goals. It allows you to see where and who your audience is, which you can use to then better optimize your marketing and advertising efforts based on the results.


2. Social Media

Social media has been all the rage in the past couple of years, and for good reason. Companies have become more personal, interactive, and responsive with their customers using social media. Today’s generation appreciates immediate gratification as well as voicing their opinion, and social media has become the biggest outlet for them to do so.


3. Search Engine Optimization

Also known as SEO, search engine optimization is traffic attained from organic search results on search engines. Websites are ranked and then placed based on how relevant the site is to what a user searches. There are numerous factors that go into SEO, and no single factor will guarantee higher placement; they all have to work together.


4. Employees

WORD OF MOUTH! Verbal communication has been show to be one of the most effective tools in advertising. Employees act as your ambassadors. They can share news and events through social media, share information about your company at networking events, recruit new customers, and promote specific aspects about your business.


5. Social Media Dashboard

With social media being a huge aspect of your advertising efforts, you need a way of managing these accounts and analyzing their effectiveness. With social media dashboards that allow you to integrate all of your social media pages on one platform you are better able to analyze and manage all of your social networks. Some of our favorites include,, and


Taking advantages of these tools can greatly improve your advertising experience by enhancing the quality and measuring the effectiveness of your ad.

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