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March 25, 2015

Posted by: Brian


5 Takeaways From Facebook Launching User-Embedded Video Ads and Display Ads


Audiences are well aware that on a social platform, Facebook has the edge over Google.


Now Facebook is launching their own embedded videos and display ad network for apps, with the hub of 2 million advertisers within their Audience Network to pursue this venture.


Mark Zuckerberg’s recent announcement at F8 developer’s conference will strive to strong-arm Google and YouTube in those aspects.


Here are some key takeaways from the impact on the tech and marketing world, referencing a few articles published after the F8 conference.


1.    Facebook’s philosophy is that as mobile apps are growing, so should their integral capability and exposure.


2.    Facebook has no intention of slowing down as a social network, but now they strive to add legs to their evolution within digital marketing.


3.    Advertisers (on Audience Network) will extract Facebook data to target ads based on users' age and gender for apps which means algorithms aren’t needed.


Recently acquired LiveRail will be the platform to monetize text content in the form of banner ads or "native ads" that appear in the natural feed of a publishers' app. This will be exclusively for apps, not on desktop display.


4.    The fact that 3 billion videos viewed daily on Facebook essentially have made way for Facebook to strike gold in challenging YouTube with their own user-embedded videos.


5.    Like any good competition, Google now has a challenger in Facebook for the display ad network. Google’s growth may come from their Google Glass.


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