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January 15, 2021

Posted by: Sarah Weitzman


5 Must Do's To Launch A Podcast

If you haven’t heard by now, Podcasting is the fastest growing media industry and there are no signs of it slowing down. There are currently one million active podcasts, as compared to only 550,000 in 2018.

On our most recent episode of Thursday Thoughts, we spoke with podcaster extraordinaire, Scott Seidenberg, about this constantly expanding industry and among other things, identified the TOP 5 MUST DO’S WHEN LAUNCHING A PODCAST.



Select a Clever Podcast Name

This is often overlooked by podcast creators who don’t realize that developing a unique and clever name can set your podcast apart. The use of alliteration or other word play that relates back to what your podcast is about is a great start. For example: Thursday Thoughts, this title has alliteration, and gives audiences a frame of reference on what they will expect if they start listening.

Step up Your Artwork

Just how your name can set you apart, so can your cover art. When scrolling through Spotify or Apple Music and you see an interesting podcast icon you are more inclined to click it and read what the podcast is about. Remember, this is your audience’s FIRST encounter with your podcast, invest in your artwork!

"Don't Bore Us... Get to The Chorus"

As famous icon John Bon Jovi stated, do not bore audiences with irrelevant information. Get to the meat of your topic even if that means making your podcast shorter than you would like.

Keep Your Podcast to 20-40 Minutes

In relation to the last point, do not extend your podcast episode for longer than it needs to be. On average, podcasts are usually about 20 minutes long unless it is a very engaging interview or show where listeners are inclined to stay for over 40 minutes.

Invest in a Microphone

Microphones are a great investment when it comes to recording from your home or office. Now with cheaper options for this technology ($100 - $150) that are professional grade, it is the only way to cancel out unwanted noise. This addition makes your sound far clearer to audiences so they are not focusing on the unwanted sounds that may arise when recording.



We covered other topics such as content structure, advertising, and promoting your podcast, so, no matter if you are already casting or if you are just starting out, check out our chat with Scott in the above video. We know it will help steer you in the right direction! Happy Podcasting!

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