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February 15, 2021

Posted by: Sarah Weitzman


4 Keys to Mastering Your Mindset

Our bi-weekly Thursday Thoughts series recently featured serial entrepreneur, Jen Groover, who discussed her revolutionary practice called, “The More Method,” detailing how to master your own mindset in order to take control of your life. She identified how using this method in any profession is essential to success.

Watch the full discussion, or read on for her 4 KEYS TO MASTERING YOUR MINDSET.



The Power of Perspective

One of the keys is the Power of Perspective. Jen states that perspective is entirely subjective; we see the world through our personal experiences. Thus, she argues that the assumptions we make are mostly incorrect. If you understand other people’s perspectives you will be able to understand the world better. This step is crucial for dealing with any type of business relationship, understanding how they view the world will make you more likely to both get what you want.

Controlling Your Mindset

The motto here is: what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. If there is a fear based negative situation how are you able to turn it into positive production? Mindset control is knowing that you get to choose whether to be stuck in the past or pick yourself up and move forward. One of Jen’s affirmations that she says to her clients is “nothing has meaning until you give it meaning,” you control what affects your mindset.

Process and Control Your Emotional State

When someone or something does you wrong it is easy to lash out and post blame, even if rightfully so. Jen states that the key to quenching triggers is to follow these four steps; pause, reflect, refrain, re-engage. These steps allow you to recognize if your emotions are coming from a place of trauma and if so, how can you handle the situation differently. This can come into play when people go behind your back in a business deal, for example, by controlling your emotional state you are able to move on from the situation instead of letting it anchor you.

Understanding the Impact

This aspect is the “game changer of all game changers,” if you are unhappy with the outcomes of your life, you need to change your belief system. Jen said that we are raised in ways that build our decision making, 80% of all our subconscious is made up by the time we are seven. Writing down everything in your life that you are unhappy with and think about what beliefs support them allows you to see the root of the issue. Jen states that when she did this, she realized that she had a fear of failure limiting her from expanding her potential. Instead of being fearful of failure she changed her belief system to being fearful of regret in order to use it to her advantage. Identifying why we do what we do is key to changing bad habits.


We covered more tips and tricks of “The More Method” as well as Jen’s personal rise to success in our discussion. Check out our chat with Jen in the video above. We know it will revolutionize the way you think and approach life!

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