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June 9, 2017

Posted by: Melissa Cafaro


3 Signs You Need to Hire a Marketing Agency

You’ve tried doing your own marketing or worked with a high school senior to get your social media updated, but you still haven’t seen sales increase. You haven’ t seen the positive effects of social media marketing, and you’ve come to the point where you’re debating stopping all your marketing efforts.


What’s the cause of all this change? Marketing has adapted over time and is continuing to adapt with technology. We have ads in front of us all the time and don’t even realize it. There is a real reason you bought that Pepsi instead of Coke, and we’re here to help explain how to understand the changing market.


In order to stay in front of your customers, expose yourself to new customers, and grow your business you need effective marketing.


It’s likely that the way you’re marketing now isn’t working, or you probably wouldn’t be reading this. Here are 3 signs you need to hire an agency to help with your marketing.


   1.  You believe “If you post it, they will come.”

   2.  You think SEO is a word pronounced “SI-O”

   3.  Your site doesn’t work on an iPad


We'll give you a taste of working with a marketing professional by explaining these three common scenarios you may encounter.


1. If You Post It, They Will Come:


Client: “I’ve been marketing and my sales haven’t change. What gives?”

Agency: “Well, which type of marketing are you focusing on? There are many different forms of marketing like social media, direct mail, word of mouth…and the list goes on.”

Client: “Uh, you know, …I post to Facebook and have a website!”

Agency: “Ok, so do you know here have you been getting your current customers and sales from?”

Client: “Yes, I post on Facebook and have a website!”

Agency: “Is that all you have been doing? Is there anything else we should know?”

Client: “My niece does the Facebook. But someone recently said they heard about us through the internet. I am not sure.”

Agency: “Ok well, we can take it from here…”


Many times, we hear that a client doesn’t understand why or how they are getting leads. Having a friend or family post to “the Facebook” is great, but without tracking the effectiveness of those posts you’ll never know if it’s truly making a difference.


According to HubSpot, social media is used by 2 billion people and growing 25% each year. Imagine if you could present your business in front of 2 billion people each day. Sales would undoubtedly increase. Agencies will make sure strong educational content is in front of the right viewers at the right times. No guessing is needed! An agency has all the tools needed to monitor, track and alternate your marketing efforts to work for YOU. 

2. SEO, That’s the Girl with the Wig, Right?


Not quite. You’re thinking of Sia, but SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO helps increase a company’s position in the organic listings of Google and other search engines. There are many services that go into the equation that all positively influence the website’s ranking. Each item needs to be carefully managed so that they work together to tell search engines if your business is valuable to display for a consumer. Appearing in a search that has nothing to do with your business would waste the marketing efforts you are using. Successfully optimizing a website requires experience and the ability to keep up with constantly changing algorithms. SEO is best monitored and updated by an agency who is in this space every day.


3. Your Site Doesn’t work on an iPad


Wait, did you say your site doesn’t work on an iPad? Unfortunately, we’re in the 21st century, and everything needs to be responsive now. Responsive means simply that the site will respond to the device it’s being viewed on and edit content and menus accordingly. By having a responsive site, you can communicate to consumers constantly no matter the device they are using. According to StatCounter,  “mobile and tablet browsing (is) accounting for 51.3% (of viewers) versus the desktop’s 48.7%.” More than half of customers looking for your business are using a device rather than a desktop computer, and this number continues to rise. Without a responsive site, you are not able to reach your viewers and quickly losing sales. It’s time for a change. Agencies have professional developers that specialize in a responsive design, and make sure to look for the highest quality to ensure it is done correctly.


Now that you are aware of some ways marketing can help you, it’s time to let the professionals take over. Contact us today and see the difference a marketing agency can make for you.


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