Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a process of increasing your website's search engine ranking. While search engine marketing refers more to the tactics involved with paid advertising, SEO increases the natural search ranking conducted on search engines and directories.


Search Engine Optimization is an ever-changing game. New algorithms are being developed by the search giants all the time and tactics need to be kept current in order to achieve the best results.  SEO results are not achieved overnight, and while we do offer one-time services (recommended a few times each year), the winners in the space use a long-term, consistent strategy and never take their eye off the prize.


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  • Targeted keyword analysis - Our in-depth keyword market analysis will give us a snapshot of information about market competitiveness and opportunities for your online business. Companies are constantly adjusting their strategies as popular search terms change, and we are constantly monitoring these trends to keep ahead in the game.
  • Competitive site analysis - Our competitive analysis will identify the appropriate methods and tactics to position your company's products or services.
  • Content creation and enhancement - Search Engine Optimization is about content. Content enhancement usually entails creating new pages that are optimized for your target market and updating your existing pages.
  • Code evaluation and updating - Search engines see your web page with totally different eyes than web surfers. A web site that looks great to the human eye might be totally meaningless to the search engines. We will review the current codebase of your website and suggest changes to enhance its indexability for search engines.
  • Link building - Reciprocal links add value to your web site, and you'll get targeted traffic from clicks on your links located at other web sites.
  • Industry engines and Directories submission - We will hand pick the best matched engines and directories and manually submit your site to the best industry-specific sites to strive to achieve a top position.
  • Monthly monitoring, changes and reporting - SEO campaigns take time before relevant results are achieved.  We will monitor and modify the ongoing strategy and plan using monthly post-search engine positioning service optimization and ranking reports, re-optimization as needed to stay current with new algorithms and link popularity tracking.


Many companies offer standard packages for SEO, and we sorta do as well, but it's really just a base. Every business is different and requires a different combination of services to succeed. We look forward to learning about your business, where you feel your online presence is lacking, and we'll run a few SEO reports on our end to see where your business has potential to grow. Please fill out the form below to get the conversation started