Marketing for Non-Profit Agencies

Nonprofit agencies are one of our niches. We have a true passion for working with nonprofit agencies and we consider it a privilege to serve them. We have extensive experience in a variety of different nonprofits, along with a deep understanding of how they operate and what they need to succeed. Our agency is able to secure large online advertising grants for most of our nonprofit clients that allow them to stretch their budgets extensively. We also know which targeted services to allocate to that budget for the most responsible, effective results. Every nonprofit is unique and we can help each one of our clients to nuance their needs to their best advantage.


Website development and optimization is vital to helping each nonprofit accomplish their multiple goals for their audience. Nonprofits seek to educate the public and much more; they go beyond to benefit the world in an amazing variety of ways. Brand awareness, fund raising and event registration are all a part of this complex process that must translate to a clean, simple interface for each user.


Here are several of the advantages and service areas where our nonprofit expertise can benefit you:


    Maximizing the online advertising channel of Google AdGrants and AdWords for your cause and message


    Generating cutting edge, creative branding and design with an extensive team of experienced artists and marketers


    Assisting nonprofits with developing mobile-friendly and user-friendly, easy to manage websites that help create a clear message and take advantage of online communication technologies


    Offering a complete range of digital and content marketing services for your nonprofit or membership organization to build on what you already have or help create a new foundation for a flourishing organization


    From the branding, design and marketing services, Navitas has a seamless bridge to professional printing services with our sister company, The Homer Group, enabling clear communication, consistent experience and pricing for all of your printing needs


Allow us to learn about your nonprofit organization and then show you how we can help you achieve your goals by filling out the form below. We look forward to learning about your message, cause, needs and scenario;  together, we can help you grow and succeed. Once you have completed the form, one of our Energized Rockstars will contact you soon.